It's 10 Bucks 2016

Turn $10 Bucks into $15,000+ Over and Over again. This popular business model has been revamped, super charged, and is  attracting the massess for 2016.

No program even held a candle to our original delivery of Targeted Traffic and Powerful Compensation Plan in 2011 and now, we've increased earnings 10 fold for 2016, ...

Now, it only takes 4 on each level to reach $15,000+. An industry first!!

Please understand, we are Not talking about tens of thousands to fill the structure. In fact, 4 that follow is All You Need.

Targeted Advertising

Our primary product is Targeted Advertising.  We give you 5000 Ad Pack credits for your one time 10 Bucks purchase.  Talk about great bang for your dollar.  Who online doesn't need Targeted Advertising for their primary business?

We deliver,....

10 Bucks Bonus Pool

Can't recruit? Relax.  There's an ingenious passive income system included.  The 10 Bucks Bonus Pool will pay a new passive member $10 Bucks every time 3 new members join.  Now that's innovation, fair, and helps everyone including those who are challenged in recruiting, ...

Now, everyone has the opportunity to earn here.


Q. How much does it cost?
A. It's 10 Bucks ($2 processor fee)

Q. Is this a matrix or what?
A. See Comp Plan

Q. Refunds?
A. No Refunds

Q. Passive Cash?
A. There is a 10 Bucks Bonus Pool for passive earners (those who promote obviously, make a lot more). Plus, it's a forced structure that pushes you to higher levels automatically.

Q. Processors?
A. Payza and Solid Trust Pay

It Only Takes Four (4) on Each Level to Reach $15,000+


Delivering quality advertising and profit shares at an affordable price

IT'S 10 BUCKS 2016


No Longer will you have issues with the members not upgrading, not paying, or having to verify payments. We have solved that with instant automatic forced upgrades, No Member To Member Payments, and nothing to Verify EVER. We're Kicking Poverty Mongers and Naysayers In The Butt! Choose Life - Choose Abundance - Choose It's 10 Bucks.

Four (4), is all you need. This can push you through All Levels..  (Can't sponsor? See the completely passive earnings structure below)

The First and Third Payment Is Yours, Second And Fourth Are Held For Entry To The Next Level. This Will Happen Automatically. All The Way Until The End Of The Tenth Level, With Each Level Increasing In Income Generated. As The 4 Members Under You Continue To Advance, They Will Continue To Pay You All The Way To The End Of The 10th Level for A Mind Blowing Total Earning Potential Of $15,350, From A One Time $10 Payment!

See Below for more details:

Level 1 = $5 x 4 = $20 ==> Keep $10 and $10 is used to Pay Your Way into The Next Level (on Auto-pilot)

Level 2 = $10 x 4 = $40 ==> Keep $20 and $20 is used to Pay Your Way into The Next Level (on Auto-pilot)

Level 3 = $20 x 4 = $80 ==> Keep $40 and $40 is used to Pay Your Way into The Next Level (on Auto-pilot)

Level 4 = $40 x 4 = $160 ==> Keep $80 and $80 is used to Pay Your Way into The Next Level (on Auto-pilot)

Level 5 = $80 x 4 = $320 ==> Keep $160 and $160 is used to Pay Your Way into The Next Level (on Auto-pilot)

Level 6 = $160 x 4 = $640 ==> Keep $320 and $320 is used to Pay Your Way into The Next Level (on Auto-pilot)

Level 7 = $320 x 4 = $1,280 ==> Keep $640 and $640 is used to Pay Your Way into The Next Level (on Auto-pilot)

Level 8 = $640 x 4 = $2,560 ==> Keep $1,280 and $1,280 is used to Pay Your Way into The Next Level (on Auto-pilot)

Level 9 = $1,280 x 4 = $5,120 ==> Keep $2,560 and $2,560 is used to Pay Your Way into The Next Level (on Auto-pilot)

Level 10 = $2,560 x 4 = $7,680 Earnings and a Re-entry of $2,560

Total Earning Potential For All 10 Levels = $15,350+

How Extra Positions work:

IF you have a filled level 1 then, the next member or position will benefit from spillover.  New Direct Referrals can also benefit from spillover as well as provide spillover from their efforts..  These direct referrals will push up other purchased positions which will automatically push up your main primary position.  

*How have we eliminated the waste? Just follow the path of ONE account and have this account cycle over and over again on the 10th level, which is an amazing $7,680 and a re-entry of $2,650 on the 10th level, ($7,680 payments over and over again with just 4 on this level)

Additional positions also earn from the 10 Bucks Bonus Pool (see below), completely passive. A 100% return and every time you cycle, this 100% return grows exponentially to 200%, 400%, 600%, etc. Brilliant!! (see below).

Got a "STALLED" matrix? You can also PIF your free members (helps a new free member get in the money and "pushes " you to the higher levels for the Bigger Money Payouts).  For those with no downline or can't sponsor   You can earn completely passive income via our 10 Bucks Bonus Pool (no sponsoring is required here).  Every third member to join = one member gets Paid 10 Bucks plus, a re-entry in line to do it all over again (if you have 10 positions - that's $100 over and over again).

When you get paid from the 10 Bucks Bonus Pool alone - it's break even, then 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%, etc. ROI (this kicks those daily 1% - 5% programs Butt), and it's completely passive!  How much does it cost to join Its 10 Bucks?

Your paid membership will cost $10.00 (plus $2 Processor fee). Each Ad Package = $12 total per Ad Package.

Now, if you are one who likes information overload,...



How do I upgrade?

All you have to do is log in and click on "Purchase Position" and make your payment through Payza and Solid Trust Pay. It is as simple as that!

How is Its 10 Bucks different from other programs?

This is different in that it does not matter when you join. We use a 70/30 split re-invest plan. This eliminates people from just withdrawing their earnings and not re-investing, which will help sustain the program (this smart process was taken from a very successful 2% daily pay program that does a 50/50 split), and push you to the Bigger Paying Levels.

This is great! Can I purchase more than 1 position?

Yes. You can even PIF your free members (pushes you to the next Bigger Paying Levels faster).

What is the Maximum Number of Positions I Can Purchase?

To ensure fairness to our members, YOU CAN PURCHASE AN UNLIMITED NUMBER of positions BUT, a member can only purchase one package at a time (this will change after our first week of business to 1 - 10 at a time).

Can anybody join?

You must be 18 years old or older to join.

Is this a one-time payment or monthly payment program?

This program requires you make your payment one-time only per position(s) that you wish to purchase.

What happens if the program stalls?

We reset the program, clear the database and start all over again giving everyone and equal opportunity to get in FIRST (usually a 48 hrs. shutdown and countdown to new launch).

This solves many issues with sustaining a viable program for years when needed.

What will I receive with my Its 10 Bucks Membership?

Upgraded members of Its 10 Bucks will receive text and banner advertising on our high traffic site (promote your primary business for just 10 Bucks)!

How do you pay and when?

Its 10 Bucks will pay within 24 hours (*after the first week of business to allow for transfer of funds from company bank accounts to Payza - if necessary), of your request for payout, many times much sooner than that. Payouts are made via Payza and Solid Trust Pay.

What Is The Minimum Before I Can Request A Withdrawal?

You will need to have a minimum of $20 in your cash balance to request a withdrawal.

Excellorated Cash System:

You will earn "immediately" upon money making positons being filled on Levels 1 - 5 (puts money in your pockets FASTER), i.e. positions 1 and 3 on any level will pay out immediately (but it takes four positions to cycle completely to the next level).

Levels 6 - 10 will pay upon completion of the cycle (It only takes 4 on any Level to cycle), to keep members from cashing out too soon. This will ensure the program continues to move and push eveyone to the Bigger Levels.

Can I earn as a Free Member?

As we sincerely value our members and to ensure longevity of the program, you must be a paid member ONLY of Its 10 Bucks.

What is your refund policy?

You are purchasing the text and banner advertising. The program is in addition to the advertising. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS will be issued for any reason. You agree to this upon upgrading into the program. No exceptions. If you do not agree, please do not upgrade..

But, don't take our word for it, ...




Shape your future Cash Flow with It's 10 Bucks 2016. The hottest money maker for 2016.
“its really amazing how fast you earn with this. I mean, I just got in and haven't done any advertising yet and on pace to make over $600 in 4 days. Believe me, this stuff really works. Since I began advertising, my cash has exploded. You should join Its 10 Bucks now, promote, and off to the bank you go.”
“First of all hands off to you guys for putting together an amazing comp plan. It is crazy how only 4 on each level can pay out over $15,000 in just 10 levels. Just Four on Each Level. This is too crazy. And, I am having so much fun with the 10 Bucks Bonus Pools. Got my initial $10 back within hours.”
“At first view, looks like a nice innovative site that keeps you on the page. Then, you are informed in a way that keeps your attention. Then, you see how much money you can make. Then, how Fast you can make it. Oh, and passive members do very well here too. I love it. Regards.”


There's Only One Price, You Guessed It,...


That's It
$ 10$2 processor fee
One Time Payment
  • 5000 Ad Impressions
  • 10 Bucks Bonus Pool
  • Movers and Passive Cash